Hot Cross Bun




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1st Verse:


She had a bun in the oven,

It was a hot cross bun,

A bun that was damn hot and angry,

Just puffing and steaming to be someone,

It was the fifties,

There was war in the streets,

With mussolini,

And his gangsters,

Raiding Greek houses,

For blood,

And for meat,

The day,

A mother was to claim ,

What was rightfully hers,

The same baker,

Could've saved ,

A mother and child,

From simple hunger...


2nd Verse:


There was tradition in the village,

That when a women is with babe,

She is entitled to a free loaf of bread,

But the baker must see her baby bump on display,

But when the women went to the baker,

He looked her in the stomach and said,

"You do not look very pregnant to me, you are so thin",

Your stomachs flat, lady,

Your baby is probably dead,

I will not be wasting my bread on liars,

He said,

Women lowered her head,

Face like thunder,

Baker could've saved,

A mother and child,

From simple hunger...